Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things are coming along very well

So I continue to struggle with this blogging thing, someday I will get to where I post at least once a week. Today marks our 9th week in this pregnancy. At 6 weeks 3 days I had a bleeding episode with some cramping, I knew the bleeding would happen eventually but I handled it much better than I thought I would. Because of the scary miscarriage I had before I decided to go to the ER.

The next day we were going to have our heartbeat ultrasound, but I got a little sneak peak. The baby was measuring right on and the heartbeat was strong. The nurse and doctor were pretty much terrible. I love the way doctor doom tells me "They were able to detect a heartbeat on the ultrasound, BUT, the bleed is around the baby. Most women with vaginal bleeding in the first trimester have a 33% chance of miscaarriage, but because the bleed is around the baby your risk is significantly higher". Why the heck would you say that to a pregnant lady dipstick?!?!?! He just so happened to be the same doctor that saw me in the ER when I bled out with the last miscarriage. He was the same then too. So when my survey of my visit came in the mail I told them just how I felt about what he said to me. I just don't see the point in telling anyone that whether it is a possibility or not. Ok that vent is over, much better.

This Monday I had my orientation with the new OB, Dr. Cizmar. It was actually with his nurse, but it went well. We discussed my nausea issues, testing and possible perinatal appointment because I will be 35 when I deliver. At this age the risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure increase so they just want to make sure I am in good health as the pregnancy progresses. At this appointment the nurse recommended that I take unisom at night for my nausea the next day. So far it has given me a couple hours of relief in the morning. This time around has been pretty intense, I have been feeling so blah!

The second trimester is 3 weeks away so I will hopefully find some relief then. My next appointment is on the 19th of this month and I am thinking that we will see that the bleed I had is completely gone!! On the 11th I will begin to decrease most of my meds and be done with them by the 18th. That will be a huge relief. The one injectable med that I will have to continue to take is heparin. It is my understanding that I had a clotting factor in my blood that would require me to take it. I will find out soon if it will be for the duration of my pregnancy.

All my boys are doing great. Andrew just turned 16!! We had so much fun with friends and family at his party. Football season is almost over for little Eric, we have two games left and then we are done. Isaac has been showing an interest in wanting to take karate, but I am not sure that he is ready for that yet. He is a little on the wild side and love to play jump kick at his brother. We will see.

Isaac told me today that there are 51 days left until Christmas. I have not started any shopping yet, that is unusual for me. July is usually when I start.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Our transfer on September 18th went well. I tested for two days on hpts and got my first ever so faint positive line on Friday at 3pm, just 6 days after our transfer. This is the soonest I have got a positive hpt. It is so funny how as surrogates, we obsess over these things. And of course one test is just not enough, you must pee and then pee some more until the lines on the test get darker. Once they are good enough and you are thinking "OMG, I am really pregnant!" you must go get a digital so it can tell you itself. Nothing like the word "pregnant" to reassure you.

Tomorrow is our beta, another thing to obsess over. It seems with IVF there are often chemical pregnancies, which I am not so sure exactly what they mean. The original beta doesn't properly double after a series of labs that are taken and it is determined the pregnancy is not viable. On the surrogacy board that I participate in, there seem to be quite a few of these going on. It is sad to see this happen to these ladies, they are all jazzed by the + hpt and then comes the low beta which prepares them for the bad news that it is not a viable pregnancy.

Right now I am a little nervous, I am naturally a worry wart and keep thinking "What if my number is low?" At this point a low beta for me would be a very bad thing since I have been getting +hpt for a week now. But then again, I have been increasingly getting more nauseous which tells me it is going to be okay. Tomorrow is one of my IF's birthday, a great number would be the best present!

Today we got a break in the weather, after 5 days of high heat I woke up to rain. At first I was a little confused at what the noise was, it almost sounded like our heater or a/c running. As I got closer to the bathroom I could hear what was clearly rain falling, coming from the open window. The thunder and lightning is always something I look forward to, I just love it!

It is 8:55pm and the yawning has already begun. The past three days I have not been able to stay up past 9:30. It looks like it is about that time to turn on my new favorite show, Criminal Minds and fall asleep part way through it. Goodnight!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time is Flying!

Originally my transfer date was set for September 20th, it has now been moved to the 18th. On the 15th the doctor extracted 7 eggs from the donor, and only 4 of those were good quality. Out of those 4, the embryologist inseminated 3 of those eggs. It only takes one good embryo, but the amount of eggs retrieved was a little disappointing to me. During my last cycle twice the amount were retrieved and there were 10 embryos to work with. I have hope though, everything has been so great this cycle.

The meds are different than what I have used before. The heprin has created bruising at the injection sites on my tummy. I got a great explanation for why that is happening from one of my most favorite nurses, thanks Deb! The IM injections on my behind have been cake! My husband is the one who administers them and he does a better job than any that have been administered by medical staff. Just another reason I think he is so awesome.

Last weekend the Wild Wolves tore up the Kodiaks 35 to 6! I love football season, we keep busy, busy, busy. This weekend we will be missing the game due to the transfer, the team mom is taking Eric Friday night and will be taking him to the game. Isaac is going to go hang out with his auntie.

We also had a great night at Aunt Janny and Uncle Gib's house, always fun and lots of people. Karaoke/paintball/waterslide and of course BBQ. It is our home away from home up there. Monday I started getting a sore throat, I thought it may be from too much singing. It has slowly turned into a wee bit of a cold, it isn't really all that bad.

Right now I sit here writing my blog when I should be writing a paper about the examination and evaluation of the creation of U.S. law. Although the history of law is fascinating to me, I am going to procrastinate once again when it comes to writing my paper; I will start it in the morning and finish it just in time to pick the kids up from school. Yep, that is how I do it. I may re-evaluate this stategy if it fails me, until then it is working out for me.

I haven't seen much of my husband today. He left for work this morning got back this evening just in time to get a service call and have to leave again. Out in the field he gets another call and heads over there. He is now on his way home to give me my shot and then back out into the field for yet another call! Normally it isn't like this, they just have quite a few crews out working.

I hear him coming down the street now, it is time for my progesterone :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good things are happening!

Since I last posted I have without a doubt found my perfect match! I have had quite a few appointments, just today I had the lining of my uterus checked, it is 6mm. I have another appointment set for Monday to get a re-check. We are doing a fresh cycle, so the egg donor and myself have to be in sync with one another as far as our menstraul cycles go. Although this is not my first cycle, I learn something new every time. The entire process is amazing!

So the couple I ended up choosing...the IFs from L.A. It was definately the right choice for both of us. Since we have matched we either talk, text or email daily. I love them, they are hands on and very involved. I got to meet M's mom, she is a super sweet, fun lady.

The meds were started on day 1 of my cycle, Sept 2nd. So far I am just taking the estrace, prenatals and aspirin. I am on standby waiting to find out when the injections of heparin begin. My last cycle, which was in April of 2007, I stared down the needle for a good 15 minutes before administering the injection. The injections weren't that bad, I don't know what came over me.

School is going great! I am so glad I went back to my original degree program; criminal justice is definately the career field that I am most passionate about. I have managed to maintain a fairly high GPA, this is something I am very proud of.

The kids are all doing great. Andrew only had a two week summer because he is on the ILP program at Charter. I am so proud of his efforts and his grades he has worked so hard for. He is a smart young man and always knows how to make his momma laugh. Lil Eric is moving right along in the 5th grade, it is hard to believe that he will be headed to junior high next year! Isaac is adjusting to life as a second grader, he had a rough first week of school, but he is getting better.

My husband, Eric, is continuing to work hard to support us and is still my #1 supporter. I couldn't ask for more. I feel like I truly have been blessed with my family.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding the perfect match

After my failed match I started all over again, I have placed a new ad and have had a good amount of responses once again. Right now I have three couples in mind, although I am leaning towards this one a bit more.

Couple number 1 is an older couple from Washington, he is a teacher and she owns a dental lab. They have a twelve year old son who was a twin, his sister died at the age of 10. I really enjoyed talking to her on the phone, she is a very sweet lady. She seems to be a genuinely caring woman.

Couple number 2 is a same-sex male couple in L.A. I only talked to M, he was very pleasant and open. The downfall of this match would be that I have to travel to L.A for the transfer and several appointments.

Couple number 3 is a couple in their early forties, he is an opthamologist and she is a financial advisor. They seem to be a stable couple and are ready to start a family. With this couple I would have to travel to UCLA for appointments.

I have had phone conversations with all three couples and it went well. I will see what the next couple weeks bring.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

At the Dentist

Today all three boys went to the dentist for a cleaning. As the two older ones were getting their exams Isaac asks me "Mommy, why do we have to get our teeth cleaned?" I tell him it is part of good hygeine and for his health. He then asks "Does it protect us from being eaten by werewolves?" This boy is too funny. Isaac will need a filling and some sealants, so when we got home I said that Isaac would have to be "knocked out" for his filling and says "So that means their going to punch me in the face?" We were all laughing so hard!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer, summer, summertime!

Ah yes, summer is here! The first five days of summer in the Alcala home were filled with sick kiddos. All the kids are feeling better and I am getting restless!! The kids have begun a summer reading program; I love that they enjoy reading. I too am excited about getting some reading done when they do. I have not made the time to read like I used to.

Regal Cinemas Free Family Film Festival is back for the summer. I only learned about it a few years ago, but Regal has been doing it since 1991. Tomorrow we are going to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Although the movies aren't new releases, the kids still enjoy it. The boys look forward to popcorn and soda for breakfast and mom gets cool points.

The Rock N Roll Marathon was awesome. As I had mentioned previously, I had originally signed up to run the 1/2 marathon, but I chickened out. I had the idea in my head that everyone who ran marathons was athletic and in shape, I couldn't have been more wrong. I was inspired by all the different types of people that ran it. I am so glad that I made the decision to volunteer for Team in Training, it helped me make the decision to at least walk the 1/2 marathon next year.

In surrogacy news, I am moving right along with the couple in Rancho Sante Fe. Contracting has been the hardest stage of this journey and we still haven't signed yet. With R & J everything was so smooth, they provided the contract and there were very minimal changes to be made to it. This time around there have been some bumps in the road. I love that we live within 15 minutes of each other and they can be a part of the entire pregnancy, but I just don't feel as deep of a connection as I did with my first journey. I am hoping that changes soon or I don't see us continuing.

This weekend we are having a garage sale, we have so much stuff that we just don't need! We also have a lot of Grandmas stuff. In March Grandma's boyfriend died and left behind a lot of stuff that he bought but never used. It made me realize that I am guilty of the same. Like my pilates chair, I had to have it. When buying it I had the intention of using it several times a week, yeah that did not happen. I haven't been shopping, besides for groceries, in a very long time. There just isn't anything that I need, therefore I don't shop.

It has been almost nine months since I quit my job and I was starting to get bored! I am looking forward to spending quality time with my boys this summer. Something that we are all looking forward to is getting outdoors. The majority of our summertime activities will be free, except for maybe Legoland and the new water park. The kids tickets are free with a paid adult, SCORE!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots going on

Last Friday I started my first class at University of Phoenix. I really think that I will like it there, I go once a week compared to 2-3 times per week. I love that this school incorporates team work into our studies. We will do projects as a team and we also do some solo. Working in teams can be rough sometimes, especially when there are people who don't cooperate. I don't "think" that this will be a problem with my current team, but you never can tell.

This last week there were a couple graduations within the family. My niece Breanna graduated high school, I am a very proud auntie. Even though high school graduation is something that we are expected to do, less teens are accomplishing this as the years go by. It is indeed a time to celebrate!

When I made the decision to do another surrogacy, I decided losing weight would be a good thing to do beforehand. I am down almost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks! It feels real good. Speaking of surrogacy, tonight I was supposed to have a phone conference with a couple that I was negotiating a contract with, but I think I was stood up. They sent me over a contract Monday night, I looked it over and made some changes that I would like to see and sent it back. I am beginning to think they didn't like my changes. Hopefully that wasnt the case and she will call me tomorrow.

The boys are all doing great, everyone is healthy, happy and ready for summer. I am too. Momma needs a tan. I am playing in my head what summer days will look like with me going to school. This won't be the first time, so I am sure I will find that balance.

In health news, on Saturday morning I had a muscle spasm in my back. Today I went to the VA just to get it checked out. As I was there they checked my pulse ox and my pulse was high. One of the meds that I take for my weight loss (Rx) may be the culprit. I have to skip it tomorrow and get it checked again on Friday.

Sunday I will be volunteering at The Rock and Roll Marathon. When I first heard about it, I wanted to either walk or run in it, but who am I kidding I hate running. So the next best thing to me was volunteering for Team in Training. I am sure the experience will be a rewarding one, and just maybe someday I will at least walk in one of these marathons.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Curran Cousins reunite!

Tonight was the first time in over a decade that I spent time with my dad's side of the family. Let me clarify that, I have seen my grandma and aunt over the years but no one else. Turns out that we have all been so close to each other all these years. After so many years the memories have faded and it is time to make new ones. The circumstances in which we are brought together is in the memory of my Uncle Shawn, he passed away on February 19, 2010. It was a very sad day.
Sometimes we take for granted that the people in our lives, those near and those distant, will always be there when we have the time. We put off visiting and phone calls thinking that we can do it another time. It hurts so bad when you realize that you could have done more: visited, wrote a letter or made a phone call. In this case there are no do overs, all we can do is learn from it and take nothing for granted.
I am a believer that out of a bad situation, there is always some good. In this case I have some great family members that I have been reunited with and it is up to me to do my part in keeping in touch.
Sharing memories tonight was so much fun! I can't wait to make new memories with my cousins and their children.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes, I am quick to make decisions...

especially when my emotions are running high. When I made the decision to not do surrogacy again, I made that decision strictly off of the emotions that I was feeling at the time. I just had so much fear inside me. I have finally, after nearly three years, found a way to put the fear aside and think of all the positives.
After much thought and discussion with my husband, we are embarking on yet another wonderful journey in surrogacy! It is funny sometimes how a conversation with another person can take you back to a moment in time where you felt so wonderful, and yet you completely forgot about or supressed those feeling until this conversation occurred. That is how this new journey came to be.
We were at a birthday party and one of the other party goers I was talking to said that she was due to be implanted that very next weekend. Talking to her made me realize just how much I truly wanted to have another baby for someone. It is that feeling that you get when you know you are making a decision that will positively impact the life of another, it is indescribable.
So far it has been different than the first time around, the last couple I had a baby for was the first responder to my ad. Once I was already matched with them , I got just a few more inquiries. This time, the response has been overwhelming! I put my profile on the same site I had put my last profile on, and within 2 days I got a phone call talking about a possible match with a couple from France. I was blown away. It has been 6 days now and I have had nearly 25 responses, two couples in particular that I have felt a connection with. Apparently, experienced GS in California are in high demand.
Tonight is the first phone interview that I will have. I remember the first time around being so nervous about the phone interview, this time, not so much. The couple that I am speaking with tonight is one of my favorites so far. If I get lucky again and match with the first couple I speak with, I will be amazed.