Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time is Flying!

Originally my transfer date was set for September 20th, it has now been moved to the 18th. On the 15th the doctor extracted 7 eggs from the donor, and only 4 of those were good quality. Out of those 4, the embryologist inseminated 3 of those eggs. It only takes one good embryo, but the amount of eggs retrieved was a little disappointing to me. During my last cycle twice the amount were retrieved and there were 10 embryos to work with. I have hope though, everything has been so great this cycle.

The meds are different than what I have used before. The heprin has created bruising at the injection sites on my tummy. I got a great explanation for why that is happening from one of my most favorite nurses, thanks Deb! The IM injections on my behind have been cake! My husband is the one who administers them and he does a better job than any that have been administered by medical staff. Just another reason I think he is so awesome.

Last weekend the Wild Wolves tore up the Kodiaks 35 to 6! I love football season, we keep busy, busy, busy. This weekend we will be missing the game due to the transfer, the team mom is taking Eric Friday night and will be taking him to the game. Isaac is going to go hang out with his auntie.

We also had a great night at Aunt Janny and Uncle Gib's house, always fun and lots of people. Karaoke/paintball/waterslide and of course BBQ. It is our home away from home up there. Monday I started getting a sore throat, I thought it may be from too much singing. It has slowly turned into a wee bit of a cold, it isn't really all that bad.

Right now I sit here writing my blog when I should be writing a paper about the examination and evaluation of the creation of U.S. law. Although the history of law is fascinating to me, I am going to procrastinate once again when it comes to writing my paper; I will start it in the morning and finish it just in time to pick the kids up from school. Yep, that is how I do it. I may re-evaluate this stategy if it fails me, until then it is working out for me.

I haven't seen much of my husband today. He left for work this morning got back this evening just in time to get a service call and have to leave again. Out in the field he gets another call and heads over there. He is now on his way home to give me my shot and then back out into the field for yet another call! Normally it isn't like this, they just have quite a few crews out working.

I hear him coming down the street now, it is time for my progesterone :)

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