Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding the perfect match

After my failed match I started all over again, I have placed a new ad and have had a good amount of responses once again. Right now I have three couples in mind, although I am leaning towards this one a bit more.

Couple number 1 is an older couple from Washington, he is a teacher and she owns a dental lab. They have a twelve year old son who was a twin, his sister died at the age of 10. I really enjoyed talking to her on the phone, she is a very sweet lady. She seems to be a genuinely caring woman.

Couple number 2 is a same-sex male couple in L.A. I only talked to M, he was very pleasant and open. The downfall of this match would be that I have to travel to L.A for the transfer and several appointments.

Couple number 3 is a couple in their early forties, he is an opthamologist and she is a financial advisor. They seem to be a stable couple and are ready to start a family. With this couple I would have to travel to UCLA for appointments.

I have had phone conversations with all three couples and it went well. I will see what the next couple weeks bring.

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