Saturday, April 30, 2011

Counting down the weeks

I just cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by. We are down to less than 6 weeks. Just this past Tuesday we went to court and did the pre-birth order to ensure that Mike and Rudy get put on the birth certificate. My last surrogacy we didn't go to the court hearing, just the lawyers went. So being a part of this one was pretty special. They have done an awesome job on her room and the only thing that they are missing is a baby!

Spring break has come and gone. The first week pretty much sucked! The weather was gloomy and I was so stinkin' sick. Nearly two weeks later and I am still fighting off this cough, but it has improved quite a bit. I still have a few more days of antibiotics and I am hoping to be back to normal. This week the weather was perfect, me and the boys spent time in the sun and playing in the water. Yesterday we went to the Carlsbad Strawberry Company to pick our own strawberries. They have the BEST strawberries ever.

Tonight the boys are spending the night with their cousins so it will just be me and the hubby. He is currently headed back home with a movie for us to watch so I am off!

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