Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Blogger Hall of Shame...

I cannot believe that it has been more than 2 months since I have updated! Every now and then I tell myself that I will get better at this and update more frequently...FAIL.

Lets see...the pregnancy is going great. On December 23rd we found out M&R are having a little girl. This is exciting on many levels. They wanted their first to be a girl and I wanted to experience carrying a girl. I have noticed a difference in how I have felt this pregnancy compared to my other four. I was sick for the first couple of months with her, I had NEVER been that sick with any of the boys. And so far (knock on wood)I have only gained about 8 pounds and I am almost half way there! The noticeable movement started at around 16 1/2 weeks and has increased significantly. I have only been able to feel her outside my belly twice. This is what I love so much about being pregnant

This will most likely be my last pregnancy. It is bittersweet. Since my last OB retired I had been seeing his PA (until this pregnancy)and when I went for my yearly to get cleared for another pregnancy she cautioned that due to my age (I will be 35 when I deliver this baby) it would be best if this were my last pregnancy. After the age of 35 there are increased risks. I am finishing up my degree and want to start my career in criminal justice (still undecided what I want to do) so this was my plan anyway. This is M&R's first baby and they will be planning a sibling project in the future, it is a little sad to think that I won't be the one to help them complete their family. But on the other hand, who knows maybe I will.

The boys are all doing well. Andrew is moving right along in his classes. He got equipment for his band for Christmas and we will be picking up another guitar for him tomorrow morning. He loves music, he writes songs and plays the guitar, drums and sings or shall I say screams. I have yet to hear him because he says he is embarrassed to do it in front of me, he thinks I will be critical of him. Someday I am sure I will get to hear him.

Lil Eric and Isaac...well what can I say? They are always at each other's throats. It has been non-stop lately and is driving me batty!! Isaac wants so much for Eric to hug him and show him affection but Eric refuses. Then Isaac's feelings are hurt and he lashes out at him. Lil Eric has had a major attitude lately. He back talks like a teenager and for that he has been getting himself grounded from his favorite things. Perhaps one day he may want to play his video games again and will think before he opens up his mouth to be sassy. Drawing is one thing they have in common and can do well sitting next to each other without fighting. I just keep telling myself that one day they will get along.

My husband just had a birthday and we had our first date night in what seems like months. We went to Old Town while my sister babysat the kids. It was very nice to have that one on one time. In February it will be 12 years since we have been together and the time has just flown by. We have had our ups and downs (not too much between us but with his family) and we are determined to not let them ruin what we have. As parents we have decided to raise our kids differently than we were raised, we were both raised completely different from one another. We take the good things and memories from our childhoods and pass it on to our kids the best that we can and try to leave the bad behind.

Over the last couple years I feel that I have gotten bitter over certain situations and I HATE that. I am trying to accept that some things are beyond my control and I can't change the way people do things or treat other people no matter how I feel about it. It just stinks to be asked for my help over and over again for years and then when I make a decision to do something that I see as the only way to get results I am the bad guy. I will never understand some people and I will no longer try to. I am only in control of me and that is where my control ends.

I haven't really made any definative New Year's resolutions but one of the things that I am working on is being more organized. IKEA was a great first stop for me. I scored on some storage containers and other items to help make getting organized possible. Now if I could just get the rest of the family on board. We were cleaning the boys room the other day and Isaac decided it would be best to just get rid of all of the toys, that way they can't make a mess anymore. It was hard for him to understand that it just doesn't work that way, there are some things you just have to try for. Their room is still a work in progress.

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